6 Most Fashionable Trends For Spring & Summer 2017

As it starts to be a bit more warmer every day we all begin to think about the rearrangements in our closets to have enough space for this season’s hottest clothes. But what actually should we wear this spring and summer? You are in a good place to find out. Keep reading if you are a devoted fashionista following the newest trends. Here you have a list of the strongly expected fashion trends in spring and summer 2017.


Bralettes are nicely cropped up tops that are said to be a hit this year. The privilege of these tops is that they can be worn either under a cute shirt or solely. There are many ways of wearing it. I like the most those that are showing a bit of a body and are finished by a pretty wrap around making it sexier. As it should be this summer.

Timeless Denim

Well, denim has been on top since I was a little girl so since the 90’s more or less and it never really goes away. It is one of the most comfortable and timeless materials that women and men love absolutely worldwide. As you can see, it is one of the main trends in 2017 as well. But a bit modified to match the new era/reality so we will be wearing  the denim ripped pants, and pretty much all denim outfits with those cute stickers. Do not think of denim as it was worn in Beverly Hills 90210, it is a new style now, thank God!


Stripes are a popular trend during summers and 2017 is not an exception in that case. We will be wearing them at the beaches to fit the marine style with a pi-up girl stylization or to achieve a chair lounge style. Get ready and get on board.

Mini bags

Those tiny-sized bags were a huge fashion trend at the end of the summer 2016 and it will only get bigger in 2017. It is true, they are too small to fit all your important stuff, but look how cute they are. You will love them from the first sight! Mini bags will help to eliminate those things that you might not need during your holidays as well.

Single shoulder cutouts

This style is going to blow up this season so you better get ready for it. It looks extremely elegant and chic, is perfect for hot summer days and makes you feel graceful. Charmingly uncovered one shoulder is your must have style in 2017.

Fashionable socks 

As summer gets closer, so does the importance of a great pair of socks. With all the shorts you’ll be wearing, impress with unique, luxury designer socks. Companies are popping up all over the world, sharing their take on what makes the perfect looking socks. For us at Trendy Monkeys, we have always loved the idea of socks which are accessible with every type of outfit. One company which are hitting the nail on the head with that are London Sock Company. Whether you are wearing your socks to put the final touches to your short and t shirt outfit on a warm day in summer, to wearing a smart suit for a chilled out dinner at night – you can count on these exquisite socks to complete your outfit.

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