7 Fresh Ways To Wear A White Shirt

White shirt is a timeless part of the wardrobe that every woman has and probably is… bored of it. Even though it is a classic style, we often choose another shirt to spice up a bit an outfit.  Another situation is that some of us think that it is a wardrobe staple and is really easy to style. So easy that it ends up in the very dark corner of your closet, sad and forgotten. Let’s have a close look on it to remind and convince all of you that it is a cool part of your outfit that doesn’t have to be dull anymore.  

  1. Classical oversized shirt with a black skinny jeans and a pair of ankle shoes. How simple is that? I bet every woman has those clothes in her closet and they are actually looking forawrd to be put together in that combination.

  1. Was the first option too boring for you? There we go with something more funky. An easy way to enrich your simple white shirt is too add accessories and shoes in a one distinctive color. Here we have an example of a red set.

  1. This is your choice for a cold and rainy day when the only thing you want is to stay up in bed under the blanket. Obviously you cannot take it (the blanket) with you to the office, but you can put on your super cosy jumper. How to stay classy in it? Add a white shirt under it, put out the collard and the sleeves.

  1. What about putting on your old short denim jacket? It goes so well with white colours. You outfit will look a bit more casual, but still elegant enough to wear it to the office.

  1. I really do like this outfit. Classic beauty in a white shirt and denim jeans plus the neckscarf. Looks simple, but so stylish. 

  1. Here comes Victoria Beckham to teach us how to wear a white shirt in an original way. The message is simple: pick your favorite white shirt and add to it colour pants. Victoria chose pinky ones with a midi high heels in a nude color. And she looks stunning, as always.

  1. According to the latest trends this is how we should wear everything now: with a bralette under it. White shirt is ideal to show the bralette, but not everyone is brave enough to wear it this way. Also, office in not an appropriate place to wear it, but it can be a great choice if you are going on a meeting with your friends or on a date.


What do you think? Have you found an idea for your white shirt? As you can see, it is not that hard to mix it with a simple element that you can probably find in your closet to achieve a stunning look.

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