Folk time, baby!

In 2017 we are moving back to a boho style embracing something a little fancier and a little more summery by adopting  fashion’s favourite new folk trend.

This spring and summer the main focus is put on having on the clothing floral and embraided elements which are the first  steps to achieve a folk stylized look. Is it a good news? Well personally, I really love this style because of its beautiful details and fresh girly appearance . And there are plenty of ways to wear the trend.

The hottest elements of a folk outfit are:

Index fingersuede knee high boots,

Index fingerfloaty summer dress or skirt,

Index fingerbucket-style shoulder bag

Index finger flare blouse

Index fingerAlso,patchwork midi dresses and pants are expected to be huge this season.

Just think of those hot days at the beach in a loose, flowery dress with a drink in your hand and nothing on your mind. That is what I think of when I am watching those fashion inspirational  pictures.

If you are confident enough, you can give a try to wear a patterned midi dress with a knee boots. A suede waistcoat would go perfectly with that outfit. Pure folk experience guaranteed!

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