New Life of a Bomber Jacket

You probably know well this type of jacket as it could be seen at the streets around the world since few years and it is still keeping up to be on the top fashion must haves. It all happened thanks to an oversized stylized clothes and a college look that have been so popular last years. Now we begin to wear bomber jackets in more of a glamour/rock style.

Where does the bomber jacket come from? A short history class

Bomber jacket was invented, as usually, because of a very practical need. During the First World War, pilots’ cabins were open without any roof so during the flight it was extremely cold inside. They had to prevent themselves somehow from the freeze and the weather. Also, the fights in the air were dynamic and required a lot of space and comfort to freely operate the gears. The traditional long leather coat was too long and too heavy to meet their needs at the aircraft. It was not until 1917 that the US Army began distributing very heavy and uncomfortable leather jackets with high collar, zipper, hips and other similar elements that gave the origin to our beloved bomber jackets we are wearing these days.


The heavy-duty bomber, which was meant to be just a jacket, would not have worked well in winter because they were too thin – so   a fashion for “lighter” satin or velvet jackets begun and  as we could confidently wear a bomber under a winter down jacket. Brave colors, strips and numbers, stylized on school sports team jackets, have been replaced with fine embroidery depicting birds and flowers.


Glittering bombers, inspired by the 90s’,  have returned to fashion and  there is no sign of their obsolescence. Floral embroidery and pastel colors are a reference to the kimono, fashionable theme in mentioned 90’s. Satin Bombers fit everything shiny,so  remember about that while choosing jewelry and shoes. Keep an eye primarily on velvet, velor and lacquer – combining a jacket-type bomber with sequins, you can overdo it.

Satin bomber is usually in a nude shade, powder pink and khaki. These three colors are absolute must-have this season. These designs are evidence that satin bomber is perfect for styling glamor, casual or rock that fits miniskirts and jeans. It is a reliable jacket that you should have in your wardrobe, so as to enrich your sets with it.

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